Saturday, July 21, 2007

Moving out!

Hey everybody, we are getting closer to our move date everyday. Though we are nervous today, we will be able to look back at this and see that God had us in His hands all along. Our house is set to close on August 14, but no one is buying my truck. I took all of the logos off and now it is just a regular black truck that I can't shake.
This is a photo that The Babe did in St. Louis in one of the shops at Six Flags there. Just thought I'd pass it on.

Just so you know, Miss Chopsticks made about $6.00 at her lemonade stand and then ran out of product to sell. Her prices were low and the drinks were a great value. That reminds me, I've been working on a ton of collages and stuff from the baseball season and they have turned out great. Today I put three more together - I just need to learn business. I love to photograph people and stuff, but I hate selling the resulting photos. Not because they stink, but because I want the people to have the photos and right now I don't charge enough to make a profit that could support my family. I'm guessing that when I move, I'll have to get serious about photo costs for my clients.
I shot an 88 at a golf course on Thursday!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Garage Sale

Early this morning my wonderful Babe began a garage sale with Miss Chopsticks and my sister Tha Gooz. Miss Chopsticks was pumped about having a lemonade stand during the garage sale. She set a goal of $1000 and I'll bet that she's reached that goal by the time that I get there in a little bit. While I was asleep, alone all night, I kept dreaming that the Babe was in the bed right beside me - so I slept pretty good because in my mind, she was there - I sure like her a lot. This is Tha Gooz' favorite photo that I did for their engagement. We had a good time putting that group of images together. We started really late and the sun was almost down, but this photo shoot turned out fantastic. Since most of the images looked like magazine poses and because it is my sister, I'll have to say that most of that magic came from the photographer (haha). We did this shot in an alley and it turned out great. The feller that Tha Gooz is with is known as Socs. He did a great job while we were out. I was surprised because I've known him for a while, but I didn't expect the fun he helped us have while we were out. Most of the time on photo shoots like this, the guy hates being there and between his lady's fortitude and my jokes we get through it and have a nice time - but Socs was having a good time right off the bat.

Benny and the Newtones