Saturday, January 13, 2007


Hey guys,

Today is kind of rainy here. Since it is Saturday and I don't have any work today, we have just been sitting at home doing nothing. I watched a DVD from a company called pictage because we have been in contact - they want to do business with me. The more I find out about them, it seems that I won't mind working with them. They are an online host for professional photographers and they would help me out a ton, but I'll have to wait a few more days before I commit to signing with them.
I have finished designing the Ritter Wedding album - really it is a pre-design - which means that I have it all together, but I want to work with Brin and Jameson to get the final album design before it all goes to printing and binding. That way, they could always have something that they love and don't end up just stuffing in a box and putting on the top shelf in the closet so that ten years down the road, they can wonder - "Where did we put our wedding proofs? I just want to look at them and then put them right back." With the album, they could at least always keep it on a book shelf and when they look at it be able to reminisce about how wonderful that time really was. It was a wonderful wedding and we had some really weird / fun things come up and now that it has all passed, these photos augment the memories - "Turning Their Memories Into Legend."
Well, this is the very last page of the album that I've pre-designed. All the stuff in the middle is fantastic and someday soon, you'll just have to go and ask Brin to show it to you, or you may be able to see it online within the next two weeks.


Wonderful Windy said...

I love it! You are very good! I need something like that but of course if we got remarried now I wouldn't look near as good as I did way back then. Oh well! Good Job. And I would raise my price again 100-200 on each if this is included!

from your financial advisor

Wonderful Windy said...

The whole product looks wonderful! I think it will be a top seller!

Melissa said...

How cool are you to do this for Brin and Jameson! I'm sure she will absolutely love it! Keep up the good'll be going places with your photography gifting!

Benny and the Newtones