Friday, January 19, 2007

Tyler Business Expo

Hey-o everyone. Yesterday I spent all day (8:30 - 5:30) at the business expo and I must say, I think that I hit the Pen Lotto. I brought home a sack full of pens. I signed up for a few of their drawings and no one has called yet, but I'm hoping :-) I signed up for a 30Gb Ipod, a Nike Sasquatch driver (even though I love my 440 Cobra), and I signed up to win a billboard. If they draw my name, they will be setting up a giant billboard for my business for free. The concession stands in the convention center were open and I had the wonderful opportunity to have a greazzy, freak-show cheese laden chili pie and it was fantastic. The two models in the photo had one each. They actually had theirs first and when I saw them, I knew that I would also have to get one. I spent all day photographing the booths for the magazine, but my main job was to photograph these two former cover models with anyone that would donate at least five dollars to the humane society. You know, there were many guys that did it, but no girls. I set up my studio in the booth that had been dedicated for our use - background and lights. It was cramped quarters and I really couldn't set the lights like I wanted, but I think that I did alright, of course this probably is a photo when the girls were making their ugliest faces, right before they got their chili pies.
During the day, I had to go over to Hollytree Country Club and photograph an event there. It was a thank you dinner for clients of Feliciano Financial Group. The boss is named Jose Feliciano, but he does not sing Feliz Navidad. At that dinner, I photographed a couple of current Texas Rangers. Rick Bauer #30 (not related to Jack) and Wes Littleton #58.
Oh, I got some logos affixed to my truck so I took a photo and here it is. They look way more awesome in person, but you might see me driving around if you live in my general area of the world.


Caci said...

I think your truck is exceptionally awesome! The logos look GREAT!

Melissa said...

i love the truck too! that is cool stuff. sounds like you are on your way, my man!

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