Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What is a Soft-Box?

Hey, I got a new soft-box from calumet and it is awesome. It is 36"x48" and it is enormous. This Photo of "The Girl" is my first attempt at using the soft-box. You can see a reflection of it in her eyes (the little squares in the top right of her eyeballs). Calumet doesn't make a soft-box to fit my brand of light system which is very sad. (RPS) But since I've already spent a ton of money on my light system, I thought that I would keep it. I did order a soft-box from the RPS people, but it was junk so I decided to rig my lights to fit the calumet system. The first two days were very disappointing. Nothing that I tried seemed to work. Then Like Joseph, my dreams showed me the future - the only difference is that his dreams were truthful and of a certain future - while my dreams are speculative. As a matter of fact, I pray that I don't have any dreams at all so that I can rest all night instead of having to rescue my lady from that dragon every night, or sometimes I hit baseballs all night, or sometimes I build a skate ramp in my backyard and skate on it with my guys, or sometimes I dream about doing my magazine work(the worst dreams), or sometimes I come up with solutions to the days problems.

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Caci said...

"the girl" is beautiful!

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