Sunday, March 25, 2007

A friend - Old Seventy-Seven - linked me to the website Some of it is pretty funny, but I'll bet, if you look long enough, you'll find something offensive or un-Godly.

I'm in the process of posting the Dust-in-Joy engagement session for them to look through. I think that the photos turned out fantastic! If you are nice enough, maybe they will decide to share them with you.

This is one of the photos that I think turned out as one of the best. Remember that I am an artist and what I look for in a magnificent photo is not necessarily what we've all seen done before. I want to see something that makes me go - WOAH! I think this does it.

Oh yeah, check out "Not Sir Mix-a-lot" down on the right. I think it is hilarious and mostly true. I mean I know that - the Babe - has wide margins in her Holy Book - of course, it is NASB and not KJV but I love that too!

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C said...

I came across a similar site that is monitored, so the vids are clean. Plus it's very fast, so I have uploaded my vids there. Check it out:

Benny and the Newtones