Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I guess I'm sort of lost!

Alright - so I guess most people have certain stories that they like on the tube. Well in Sept 2004 I saw a program that looked interesting so The Babe and I watched it. Many others tuned in that night to see the first episode of 'Lost'. It was very interesting that first season, but I really thought that they would be getting off of the island by the end of that first season and the story would progress to a different level. I mean, there is no possible way that anyone would want to see the story of some people stuck on an island for a couple of years - Right?

Well, I'm in love with The Babe and she loves to watch Lost. So I sit through it and when it is over gripe a bit about how the storyline that they follow is so random. I know it is just so they can keep the people on the island.So tonight's program was the same as always except --
duhn duhn duuuuhhhhh
The writers came up with two new characters that they pretend had been on the island the whole time and if we had watched close enough, we might have seen them. I feel like they are finally running out of ideas to develop around a very sad tale. So, they came up with these new people, showed us all of their backgrounds and then killed them. Woo-hoo, that's really pulling me back for another episode - wait - no, no it doesn't. The only reason that I watch it is for The Babe.
She is top-notch and wonderful, with a minor programical flaw - Lost.
Yes, I made up that word.


Michael said...

C'mon, man.

First off, those characters didn't just appear in last night's episode. They have been in several previous episodes. The actors are credited with 14 episodes of "Lost" apiece.

Second, the marooned passengers of flight 815 have only been on the island for about 70 days not years and years.

Dustin said...

I agree with you Ben, the first season was awesome and then everything went down hill.

Caci said...

Yes, Michael, I too pointed out to Ben that the characters did not just show up last night....however I cannot recall 14 episodes with each of them. Ben knows how long they have been there, but just figures the writers should have gotten them off of the island by now...especially considering there is a possibility of communication with the "outside" world. But hey, if they got off the island it couldn't be called LOST anymore, now could it?

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