Monday, April 2, 2007


You may or may not have known, but I was in the Army from 1993-1995. I was a 16T Patriot missile crew-member. I did my basic training at Ft.Sill Oklahoma, my advanced training at Ft. Bliss Texas, and then I was also stationed at Ft.Bliss. For six months, we were deployed to Riyadh Saudi Arabia to do our jobs there in the desert. Here is a photo of a launcher and truck. I was in charge of a set-up similar to this. Though this is not my photo - I couldn't find mine.
Ft. Bliss is in El Paso TX - that's the desert. The desert in Riyadh was much hotter than El Paso. I remember that one night in Riyadh I was fulfilling my guard duties and it was about midnight. I walked outside of our guard shack to stretch my legs and the temp felt pretty nice. I looked - at midnight - and the temp was 100 degrees. It was hot, so hot that the days were filled with high 130's.
We had a giant lizard that called our launchsite home, and we had a b.b.q. cookout once. I remember that those ribs that they cooked were about 18 inches long. I don't know but we might have been served some sort of camel. Also, there was this restaurant called Herfy. It seemed to be a hamburger joint, but if you look at the sign... I wonder what those hamburgers were made out of. I never did see a cow in Saudi Arabia.

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Wonderful Windy said...

I guess Camel must taste like Chicken or Cow or you were just really hungry if you are just now having questions about the mystery meat.

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