Thursday, March 27, 2008

Movie Night

We are going to be having a movie night at our church on Sunday night. It is a place where people can come and get to know us without being preached or "religionated" It should be pretty fun - we will be watching "The Game Plan" We are having popcorn and sodas (cokes or pop for everyone else) and we will be using one of the projectors to get a giant screen. Well, since it costs money to get the popcorn and drinks - and since we aren't the most loaded of churches, the movie is free, but the popcorn and drinks won't be. This is the poster that I made that has been produced for our movie night. There will not be any 3D glasses, but if someone does come up with $18 I could probably come up with a pair. For Sunday morning, I've made two "radio-style" commercials. You've got to listen to them in order or they won't make sense. I'm all of the voices, except - Miss Chopsticks did her acting role to help the people in the church know that movie night is for families. So during the service these two commercials will be played at least two times. Enjoy - I know I do every time I hear them.


Mike said...

Well, those are great. You did a great job on them both but Miss Chopsticks steals the show on the second one.

Caci said...

man, your second sentence is so long I thought I was gonna pass out before I got to the end of it.....anyway I love you for that, and your commercials are very funny.....Miss Chopsticks is the best!

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