Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hey, you know I have the outstandingly, fantastical, unbelievably, superbly, amazing opportunity to lead worship at our church here in Aurora --- --- Well, I've started having the sound guys record the whole service - including music - so that I can hear what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong as a band. Well, some of the talking that I did struck me as funny - I know that I said it, but it still was pretty funny. So, I thought that I would share it with you. So what you will be hearing is the welcome that I give to the church to get us started. This week we set out tables for most of the congregation to sit at as a new approach to "doing church", but left a couple of rows of chairs for those who didn't want anything to do with the table.The first set of cards that I talk about are Prayer/Info cards that are about 2"x8". The worship folder is a sheet of paper that is folded into thirds. So take a listen and see if you enjoy coming to my church.


Mike said...

You so crazy!!

JoelK said...

Man... prizes under the seat. That works even if you're joking. You can't help but wonder, "But what if he wasn't joking... and it's under MY chair?" Pretty soon there'll be a Prize-Under-The-Chair Anonymous, watch. Cause it's such a gamble. You don't want anyone to see if you Do check, ya know?

Oh, good Jim Carey as Count Olaf there at the beginning too!

-Joel K

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