Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Tonight my guys are going to be a part of a science fair at their school. -The Punisher- Cole's experiment was centrifugal force and - The Ice Man - Jacob's was watching ice melt on white and black papers. We had to put together little displays for them to set up, so I -Photo Guy- felt a need to photograph my kids. This one of -The Punisher - was taken at the part of the experiment where we swung a cup full of water around on a string. This was the slow version when the water fell out - though you can't see the water because it fell out during the previous rotation. This series of photos of - The Ice Man - actually made the display because there is not really much happening as you watch the ice melt. It is a progression of his amazing efforts to experiment by watching ice melt (experiment given by the teacher).


Whether you know it or not, I went to college to be a preacher. I was almost done when things didn't go exactly as planned. (East Texas Baptist University dumped my scholarships -free ride - because I hadn't been attending consecutive semesters. I worked as a missionary for a year.) As time has gone by, I have been intrigued by the idea of photographs, but the desire to be friends with God and give pointers on how others can be His friend has never left my heart. I love to study the Bible. God has given me a very unique church plan, that has been difficult to put together. I would guess it is because of one of these two things - or both

1. I am missing a few things to be prepared to lead a group of individuals

2. The people that I will be involved with aren't quite ready for the craziness that I have in mind

If you want to know more about that, email me and I will send you the church plan that I have been developing for a couple of years. Anyway, I'm saying all of that to say this little bit of info: Sometimes I don't study the Bible as regularly as I should - don't laugh, you know you feel the same way - So, from my (sometimes) daily Bible studies, I will post some of what has gone through my mind to keep myself accountable and give you some fun gems that I might have found. I'm studying in Luke until further notice. So here is chapter 21 verses 34-36 - where Jesus is wrapping up His talk about future events to the people in Jerusalem and future events for the world.
- read these three verses in your Bible first please -
- then the Ben Blue Jean Para -

As you wait for these times, make sure that you guard your hearts and your lives because sometimes, the wait may be unbearable. When that happens, don't turn to the bottle. Don't get depressed because before you know it, that day will be here and if you are drunk or depressed, it will catch you like a mouse caught in a trap. Now that trap is so big, everyone that is on earth when it snaps will have to deal with it. But, stay alert! Keep your eyes on the prize and prayer in your hearts so that you will have the strength to escape what is about to take place. The main reason that you will be able to escape is because you will be in constant conversation (prayer)with the one that is going to cause the trap to snap. Then if you find yourselves not caught in the trap, you will be able to stand before "the Son of Man" (Jesus).


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Wonderful Windy said...

well I hope my comment will be good enough not to get deleted. I like your blue jean version. Easy for me to understand..You know my level is way down there so if you can reach me there is hope for the world of followers that will be coming your way for guidance.. I like this it is like an online bible study.

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