Friday, February 2, 2007

ex-b-day - ha ha - CACI MY LOVE

I have not written in a few days which should be your cue to say, "That guy is so back-slidden." I did read through my upcoming verses two days ago.
Over the past few days I've been arguing in my head with a few of the people at the Mag. My arguments come from a recent conversation that we had. Now, because it is a business environment and I bring Annalisa to the office everyday, they have asked me to find somewhere to keep her while I work. They said it would be alright to bring her every once in a while-- only when there is nothing else that I could do, but I have a problem with that. So, since I feel more comfortable writing than debating, here is what I wrote down about how I'm feeling about the office environment.

Annalisa is my daughter and I am her daddy. I want to be a great dad, and one of the things that our family decided a long time ago is that we would do everything that we could possibly do to keep our kids out of daycare. As Parents, we don't have long to keep our kids, and the first few years of life are of the utmost importance. It is a time when the parents can be most influential in raising their children. Whether I am good or bad at it, I want to see my kids grow up to be fantastic individuals that are secure in themselves. So, I guess, if you get me, you will also be getting Annalisa.

Bible thought
This little piece is after Judas had been entered by Satan and then he went to talk with the church leaders about the Jesus Betrayal.
Luke 22:4-5
- read these three verses in your Bible first please -
- then the Ben Blue Jean Para -

He said, "I hang out with Jesus a lot. He asked me to be a part of His gang and I agreed. I just don't like hanging out with Him anymore. We are always walking around with empty pockets and even though we don't actually beg, it feels like we are begging for food - everywhere we go. I'm getting sick of being broke so I was thinking we should make a deal. I would like to have a big fat wallet and be politically powerful, while you would like to have Jesus on a shish-ka-bob. I think that we can make that happen." The huddle of leaders all turned with bug eyes and looked at each other then one of them spoke up, "What luck! That is so great, the awesome Lord our God has blessed us with fantastic news and surely Jesus will get what He deserves. This news is so magnificent, if you do produce Him so that we can have Him killed, we will give you thirty silver coins that are worth a whole lot and of that you can be sure. That is how important we feel about removing Jesus from His heretical place of teaching and sending Him straight to the executioner." Judas looked down on the ground and rubbed his beard for a second, then said, "So it will be done."


Michael said...

I finally made it your blog. Nice stuff.

I also have conversations in my head with people around the office, so while you might still be crazy this does not support the theory. Or maybe we're both crazy. Who knows? Wasn't that the point of Catch-22?

Anyway, since you let us in on your conversation with yourself, let me play devil's advocate:

I completely agree that parenting is too often pushed into the hands of others in our society, and that many people put their job working for someone else ahead of their job of raising their kids. I commend you and Caci both on your efforts to avoid that.

Luckily my kids have never had to go to daycare either. Because of Leah's work schedule, she's always been able to watch them. They all have at least gone to a Mother's Day Out program, though, (some are still attending) to encourage them to learn to interact with others and obey others on their own.

Sometimes, the best way to parent your children is to leave them alone and let them learn on their own, and you can't ignore the fact that when your kids get to school, most of the other children there will have been in daycare for years. They will already be adept at making friends, playing with others, and listening to adults other than their parents.

The really hard question here is this: Is taking Annalisa to work with you the best thing for her or is it the best thing for you?

Either way, I'm sure that you're not going to ruin your children's lives or scar them forever or any other silly thing that Oprah and Dr. Phil worry about. Also, I'm certainly not trying to convince you one way or another. There are pros and cons to any choice we make as parents. Just giving some thoughts from the other side of the fence to try and help your mental debate. :)

Caci said...

thanks for reminding me of your ex-b-day by devoting 1/3 of your blog entry title to that wonderful memory......I know I can count on you every year! I LOVE YOU!!!

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