Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Elements

This morning we were sadly woken extremely early. Cole had been sleeping and somehow received a cut on his eye. He came into the parent bedroom filled with beautiful sleepy parents and woke us up with some crying. We messed around with his crying because he refused to go the doctor until about noon. The doctor did some weird doctor stuff and sent him home with a patch over his eye. He doesn't feel real piratey right now, he just wants his eye to heal so that he can take the patch off. That ordeal has pretty much spent the whole day for us.

Bible thought
This little piece came after Jesus passed the cup around a first time saying that he wouldn't drink the fruit of the vine until the Kingdom of God was going to come, then
Luke 22:19-20
- read these three verses in your Bible first please -
- then the Ben Blue Jean Para -

He waited until the cup got back to Him and then He set it down on the table. He reached over and picked up the loaf of bread that had been prepared and as He was holding it, He looked up and said, “Thank you Father God for this beautiful picture in this simple loaf of bread. Let each crumb be a testament of your love.” Then with tear filled eyes He looked back to the disciples around the table. He smiled and with a crackle in His voice He broke the bread into pieces and said, “The picture of this broken bread represents my body that will be broken and has been given for your lives. When you eat this bread, remember that it is special… it is me.” Jesus watched as each of the disciples took a piece of the bread and ate it. Then He picked up the cup of wine again and said, “This wine will also be a way to remember me. This wine is a picture of the blood that will come from my body. It will flow freely and cover your impurity; it will cover your sin. It is a symbol of a new covenant that doesn’t need a priest, a new covenant that doesn’t need to sacrifice any more, a new covenant that will have the ability to bring you face to face with God.”

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Caci said...

you are correct....the bedroom was full of beautiful sleepy parents! then I wasn't so beautiful, but still sleepy, once I was awakened.

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