Monday, February 5, 2007

Day Two

I just took this photo of Cole - The Punisher - before he went to get his hair cut. He loves that shaggy look, but mommy wants it to look different. He was a little upset about having to get his hair cut and I just happened to catch him putting on a happy face. He is skipping a lot of school because of his eye injury and of that, he is happy. Today at the hospital, the doctor said that his recovery was looking great and that now we just needed to wait until the iris paralyzer wore off to send him back to school. Oh yeah, you can look in his eyes and see something very freaky. Make sure you say "Punisher" three times while you are looking.


Wonderful Windy said...

Post a picture of the haircut

Melissa said...

his eye doesn't hurt being so dialated like that? poor guy....why y'all gotta mess with his hair too.

Benny and the Newtones