Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Granny B's

Example 1:
Have you ever seen commercials, heard radio ads, saw web ads, or even been to Disney world? I have been there and it was fantastic. Now when you think about amusement parks, Disney normally is the king. I mean we have six flags in Texas which is very fun, but it is not the same experience as what they can do at Disney. Now in Shreveport, there once was a park named Hamels. You can visit the park online- no wait you can't. You can read about it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamel's_Amusement_Park but you'll never be able to go again. Well let me just say, it was kind of local and much cheaper than six flags, but it was definitely not at the top of the theme park world.

Example 2:
Have you ever spoken to a person with a sincere Mormon faith? I have found that the way that Mormons talk about Jesus and faith is almost the same way that I would do it, with the exact same wording but different meanings. I'm not Mormon. I fall under a different umbrella - Christianity. Well, as I became friends with a real Mormon, I learned about the many aspects of their faith that you wouldn't necessarily find out unless you dig deep into their religion. Now be sure of this, I love the Mormon people, I just don't believe that their religious practices are inline with what the Bible says - I don't like that because it is wrong and is leading individuals away from the real Jesus Christ. That's all I have to say about that.

Now, whether you've been offended or not, I wrote those two examples to tell you about what happened to me yesterday. They will come in useful, just don't get your panties in a twist.

A while back, there was a restaurant called Granny B's in Carthage Texas. Even though I don't care too much for chicken, I loved to go there and get their chicken. I would go and get an 8 piece chicken tender meal with fried okra and a roll for just under $4.00. I'm not a bread person, but I also loved their rolls. Also, they had this barbecue sauce that was out of this world. Ok so whether you've caught it or not I loved Granny B's and the food that they produced. Well not too long ago, the restaurant burned and the business closed. It was a sad day which turned into a week, into a month and so on. Finally there was word that Granny B's was going to open back up and I was excited along with just about every one else in Carthage - except Holly N. Yesterday just happened to be the grand opening and though I live 30 minutes away, I drove over there to have lunch. I was pretty excited and - The Babe - was pretty sad that I would go without her. Well, I stood in a line that stretched out the door to make my order. I got the order of 4 piece chicken tenders, fried okra, a roll, mashed potatoes, and corn nuggets. I was a bit sad that it was almost $10.00 but I was sure hoping that it would be worth it. I was wrong. It ended up tasting like Grandy's on a bad day. This is a photo of the restaurant on opening day.It is the same building - with updates.

Some of the workers seemed like they were from overseas in a small country town. I think that the new owners found out how well the old restaurant was doing and bought the property, but couldn't buy the rights to the name Granny B's. So look close at the sign and you will see what this new restaurant really is. It's a Mormon in a Christian church. It is preparing to go to Disney for a week, but spending 5 hours at Hamels instead.
Granny B's Rocked!


Wonderful Windy said...

I am so sorry that you were disappointed. I guess it does matter where they put the "s" when it comes to good chicken

Mike said...

I heard that you didn't like it. That is all that Carthage needs...another bad place to eat.

Holly N. said...

You're darn right I don't like Granny B's or Granny's B... or whatever... I much rather drive 1 more block and eat at the Tree.. Oh yeah! :-)

Joel said...

Nothin' like a good 'B' movie. 'B' Chicken on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

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