Friday, March 2, 2007

Hope Needed!

Hey all you readers. I want to ask if you guys will become active in prayer for my family because God is working with us now and we need the strength to be pliable.

#1 - The Babe - is a teacher in a school that movies are made of - movies like Lean on Me, Stand and Deliver, Dangerous Minds, and Coach Carter. It is a school where the kids don't respect anyone and don't care about any consequences from their actions. The difference between the movies and life at her school is that these much younger 8 year-olds sit at home and watch "Get Rich or Die Trying" with their moms and dads. Most of them say that they have seen Saw 3, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Hannibal Rising. These kids are 8. They should be watching movies like Princess Bride, The Rookie, and Shek. So, what do you think young kids watching the movies that they watch are going to act like at school?
Here is a not so interesting thing that we've found out this year - Most of the kids don't know nursery rhymes like Three Blind Mice or The Old Woman that Lived in a Shoe. They don't know old stories like Jack and the Beanstalk or Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have kind of narrowed down the root of the problem and are having a hard time with a solution. The root of the problem is that these kids are not being raised by parents - their moms and dads are treating these kids like the friends they had in high school, or friends at the clubs that they go to. These children aren't being raised to be good adults, in fact it seems like most of the parents act inconvenienced when their own children are around. The so-called parents seem to do everything they can to be apart from them. These kids don't teach themselves how to respect and honor others as they end up raising themselves. Their only model to follow is the trash they watch on television and movies with their parents. So here's the problem: The parents don't like having children that depend on them.

The Babe -
is so stressed out about the way the students act and her lack of administrative support that she doesn't want to be at that school anymore. She feels trapped and I hurt for her, but she doesn't really want to quit. It is not built into her character and she wants to be a successful teacher like the character Coach Carter. She is successful, but not in a way that matters to "The Man" who only cares about numbers. She is successful in that the kids are actually learning. She is successful in that though all of the teachers agree that she has the worst students -maybe in the whole world - she is making an impact on them. (not her fists, though she might like to imagine sometimes) It can't been seen in physical data, it is the small difference she makes when the kids see that someone in this world really does care about them. She wants to see them succeed as students, though most of the kids in her class won't do it this year.

Prayer for #1: The Babe will feel the peace that God can give about this place that she is in right now. She will be filled with endurance and hope to run the race and finish on the path that God has her on right now. Philippians 3:14

#2 - The Waffle - (that's me in third person) was hurt badly a few years ago. He had lots of physical recovery to overcome and still finds himself in places when it is very hard - near impossible to cope. Photography has been real fun for him and as he begins his way back into the workforce, photography is part of the path he has chosen. Because it is the beginning of the business, jobs come very slowly. He wants to be able to hire The Babe as his assistant allowing her to not feel like she has to teach, but right now, there is not enough work through photography to support The Waffle, let alone his whole family. He realizes that beginning a business will be most likely very hard for the first year, but at anytime the business could blow up because God might be ready.

Prayer for #2: Sixth Day Photo would blow up soon, but when God has it in the right place, in the right time --but most definitely, let God be God. Let The Waffle get in line with what God is doing even if that is not Sixth Day Photo. Also, that The Waffle would be an encouragement to his wife and family. That he would find ways to be a great husband and dad since his income is not enough to help at this point.

#3 - Moving from our home in East Texas. The Waffle and The Babe have talked about it, and have come to no conclusion on what to do. I'm figuring that this has to do with our lives feeling so far from home. I'm talking about spending eternity with God -our King - in His Kingdom. Right now we are on a journey through life to get to His kingdom and we haven't made it home yet. It seems like we may never feel at home. But our main talks have been about the photo business and what we still hope will be a church plant -The Pitstop.
So we are kind of nervous about the unknown prospect of what we are living today. We know that our current home is not right, but we also feel that God has not clearly revealed to us our new promised land.

Prayer for #3: God would be very clear about His plans for us because right now we can only see what is wrong and don't see any solution. We would be open to His direction no matter how bizarre or common. Then in that trust that we would feel satisfied and peaceful in Him


Michael said...

I will join you in prayer for all of those things.

Melissa said...

Of course I will be praying for y'all! I can't imagine what "the babe" has to go through on a daily basis, but I will be praying for strength, encouragement, and joy for her during the rest of her time.
Also, because I have the armor of God on my mind right now I will say this....God gave us His armor for a reason. I have been mentally putting on that armor everyday since I started writing the curriculum and it has helped me so much. Talk to God every morning on your way to school and thank Him for that armor He has given us to protect us from the enemy. You wave that sword of the Spirit at Satan's face and tell him to back off! God has big plans for you and your family! I can't wait to see what happens! Love you!!!!

Mike said...

We will praying for you all. I know that "The Babe" has been having a tough time for a while now. Let us pray for God's leadership in this situation.

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