Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Rooster

If I were a wrestler, I would be The Rooster. I would have a bright red hair piece shaped like a roosters noggin. The best part is that I already have theme music "Rooster" It says, "Yeah they've come to snuff the rooster- ah yeah -- Yeah here comes the rooster - Yeah - you know he ain't gunna die -- no no no you know he ain't gunna die" I think it is a fun theme, but for 100 points, do you know who the artist is that has produced "Rooster"?

I was listening to the sounds of the Rooster when I looked over at my bass and it seemed like an interesting picture. Also, I have a new camera lens that I wanted to test out, but I wanted to see at what ISO I could shoot at and still get a decent picture. Once I passed the camera shake speeds, I got this photo with an ISO of 1600 which is very high. I think it turned out alright. Oh, my bass is being backed by Lucas Kimblus' 6 string that he uses for slide guitar events.

I've been trying to pursue being a photographer to be able to make money, but I was wrong. All I have to do is be in charge of the city baseball league for one year where I live.
I'll tell you why with a little math:
One kid to be on a team cost $75 There are about 12 kids per team and in the league that my guys are in there are 9 teams. So that multiplication leads us to a grand total of $8100 just from the kids in the league with mine.

Each of the teams has a sponsor - how much do they pay? - I don't know, but I'm sure it is more than nothing. Now The fields are kept up by the teams so that doesn't cost anything. The concession stands are run by the parents of the kids. The parents are unpaid and the "league" gets all of the income minus the concessions. Well, I guess the league does provide uniforms and hats for the kids and by uniforms, I mean a t-shirt with a number. The league pays for the umpires that don't always show up. I think that they get $20 per game. The coaches bring the game balls, and last year, there was no catcher's gear for our team so we had to go and buy our own. We have our own helmets and bats because the league wouldn't be able to provide anything like that. To me it seems like someone in the city league administration is making a ton of money off of the parents that happened to be cursed by living in my city.

Well, if you can't tell, I'm pretty upset with the way that my city treats us. Not just city league baseball either -- there is a lot more to say about how much my city hates the people that live in it but I won't go there now.

Time to smile - Jesus is ALIVE!

Luke 24:31-35
- read these verses in your Bible first please -

- then the Ben Blue Jean Para -

Then they realized that this guy had been Jesus all along and that He wasn’t dead after all. They looked back to Jesus but He was gone. He had vanished into thin air. Simon looked back at Cletus and said, “Now a grown man vanishing is very weird, but do you know what I know?” Cletus smiled and answered, “Yes, Yes, Yes! Jesus is alive! I can’t believe we didn’t notice sooner. I mean all the time while He was talking about the prophets, it was like when He taught us at the church. I think my heart really was on fire.” “Yeah, Yeah,” Simon said, “I know we were just in Jerusalem, but we’ve got to go back and tell the others about what has happened to us today. NOW!” They did leave just then. They left the bread and fish on the table and ran/jogged/walked all the way to Jerusalem. When they got there, some of the disciples had gone to bed and were woken up with the hootin’ and hollerin’ by Cletus and Simon, “Jesus is alive! We saw Him today!” As all of the disciples wandered in to hear the story, Cletus and Simon were telling it just as fast as they could.

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