Thursday, February 8, 2007

Make Sure You Hear

I love my jacket and I love my glasses. The Babe has often commented that I look much like the verizon guy, and normally people agree. I do zip my jacket up many times when I wear it, but I don't really care to talk on the phone most of the time. If you look closely, I don't even use the same phone as the verizon guy and most of the time I wear a hat. I don't have the same hair style, I don't have a verizon patch, and I don't always walk around leading a large crowd of people. If you couldn't tell already, my first name is Ben and his first name is Verizon - but hold on, his last name is Guy. That's not my last name.
This blog entry is dedicated to - The Babe.

2 Additions to Yesterday's post:
1. I unknowingly used the phrase 'sharing the gospel' which is one of those phrases used by Christians. It doesn't seem to have a concrete definition, which seems to make it troublesome to understand for someone who might be trying. If you didn't even notice it, you should be able to see now how easy it is to use Christian phrasings.

2. Though I have personally met Jesus,
these were the thoughts going through my mind:

No, I haven't tried Dr. Jesus but I have tried Dr. Pepper - tastes good
No, I haven't tried Dr. Jesus but I have tried Dr. Scholls - I'm gellin'
No, I haven't tried Doc Jesus but once I hired Doc Holiday
No, I haven't tried Dr. Jesus but I read a book by Dr. Seuss
Can we just call Dr. Jesus - Dr. J - I mean, does he play basketball?


Wonderful Windy said...

you look just like that Verizon Guy

Wonderful Windy said...

I am in your Network?

Benny and the Newtones