Friday, February 9, 2007

Missionary Tech

Today I had a chance to go over and check out Missionary Tech - - but before I went, I was a part of this giant wall graphic application process. There is a new sanctuary that needed to have vinyl stickers - that had been cut into a verse - put on the wall. I mostly watched what they were doing and helped when needed. But this guy, Joel - Old Seventy-Seven - asked me if I would photograph the work that they were doing. Being - The Waffle - (formerly Photo Guy but this new nickname was given by my daughter today) I was happy to break out my camera equipment. When we were finally finished at the church I had a chance to go over to the Missionary Tech offices and take a closer look at what they do. It is really cool because people like architects can be missionaries too through the Missionary Tech Team. I'm not an architect, but they do have a graphics team which - Old Seventy-Seven - is a part of and it looks like something I will look into further. I would way rather do the work that I've been doing with the mag for Jesus than for the dollar. This is three different photos that I put together to honor the work of one fine Missionary. It shows the final product in the background. It also shows - Old Seventy-Seven - while he was working. By the way, while he was working, his arms and fingers became very sore from the constant pressures that he was having to apply to get the letters to adhere to the wall properly. So the one where his eyes are closed is how he really felt on the outside and the dream is what he was thinking while he was doing work for Jesus.

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Wonderful Windy said...

That is really cool..but that guy looks weird...For Real

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