Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Old Seventy Seven is Right!

A Photo-a-day or at least a blog-a-day would be nice, but I have been unable to complete either one of those magnificent tasks. They were lofty dreams and I am so back-slidden. (Back-slidden: to slide back; to fall away; esp. to abandon gradually the faith and practice of a religion that has been professed)

My big camera the Canon EOS 1Ds has been returned as of the beginning of last week because it was too technical for me to use easily. I found out that the rebates that I expected to get with the other camera that I intended to buy, stopped on Feb 19. I would have saved about $700. So, I'm not really sure what my next course of action is on that road.

This past weekend, I took on a beast of a job and completed it with flying colors. At least today as I'm looking up from the floor waving the flag in pain, the colors are flying. Problem : There was a foul section of concrete in a friends driveway that needed to be reprimanded, removed, and replaced.
Day 1 Reprimanded and Removed A friend - The Hammer - and I used a 10 lb sledge hammer, a 2 lb sledge hammer, a jack hammer, a 24 oz hammer, two shovels, a chainsaw, and a pulling mechanism (truck n chain) to remove about 200 square feet of a driveway, a 4 inch root that spanned the width of the drive, and a 2 inch root that spanned the width of the drive.
Day 2 Rest - sort of
Day 3 Replacement The Hammer - and I built concrete forms, then we proceeded to create concrete to pour as the new drive. So between us we lifted 92 - 80lb sacks of concrete and deposited their contents into a mixer. Did you do the math? We lifted, mixed, and poured 3.68 tons of concrete. Yesterday - The Hammer - had to go and spend a day at school while I had the opportunity to stay home and recuperate. Today, we are both still in the House of Pain, but we are recovering nicely.

Thank you Hammer, I had a great time of fun doing not fun stuff!

Here are a few photos of - The Waffle - and - The Hammer - looking sweet together for many years. Though we were hunks for all of the ladies then, I think that The Hammer would agree, our wives are the smokingest, hottest ladies on earth, (His being the smokingest, hottest lady on earth for him and mine being the smokingest, hottest lady on earth for me) and the two hunks in this series of photos are off the market.


Joel said...

Sweet! You're friends w/ Val Kilmer?

Do you still have the "Book of 7700 illustrations?" The mind can only wonder what kind of randomness must be contained in such a voluminous hardback edition.

Be sure to tune in next episode for... "Get Better, Back..." or "Get Back Better" (music leads to crecendo, then fades out. Que commercial)

-Old 77

Mike said...

Wow, thanks for the trip down memory lane. The Hammer is still recovering though he is doing much better. I hope next time we have some fun we can actually do something fun.

And Caci...I am sorry that I monopolized your man for two days.

-The Hammer

Caci said...

I remember that Mardi Gras Prom t-shirt....I also remember NOT being asked to go to the prom....hmmmm how is that possible if I am the smokingest, hottest lady on earth to you? Obviously someone else (Shannon) was pretty smoking to wait, she was just smoking next to you! HAHAAHHA....I hope it made you throw-up!
with deepest affections, The Babe

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