Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Alright it seems like no one ever looks at my blog, or you guys that do are afraid to comment on anything that I've said, or you are very quiet people. Either way, I haven't posted a picture in a while and I was challenged by - Old Seventy Seven - to do this sort of photo. So, here are my medium format cameras. Can you guess where the Kiev camera's lens was made?


Michael said...

I bet they come from the Ukraine, but like the cosmonaut says in Armageddon, "American spacecraft, Russian spacecraft, all parts made in China!"

Caci said...

Michael, I agree with you...but since I live with The Waffle, and I clicked on the photo to see the letters CCCP...I know it was manufactured in The Soviet Union. The lens we have is old, and I think that when it was made The Ukraine was part of The Soviet Union....but I could be wrong.

Wonderful Windy said... is your comment from the only one that matters

Wonderful Windy said...

Who Loves You Baby? hehe

Joel said...


I was wondering what happened to the 'photo a day' ...which, when loosely translated means "I'll take a photo when I jolly well feel like it. Maybe I'll post it. You gonna force me? Talk bad about me behind my back? I'm doing this as a service to you... what kinda gratitude is that -Huh?" (That's in the vernacular.)

Missed ya Sunday, my parents are in town, you gotta be there next week, or come up to TECH tonight and watch American Idol w/ us!

-Old 77

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