Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Awesome Stuff

I have been going over the stuff that I wrote based on the writings of Luke. Today I looked at the story of the Widow's Mite. This is so awesome.

Luke 21:1-4
- read these verses in your Bible first please -
- then the Ben Blue Jean Para -

Jesus was in a moment of intensity as He spoke to the leaders of the church, when He looked up and saw all of the rich people lined up at the offering box, waiting for their turn to put in their offerings. They would stand in line with their heads held high and definitely not write the check until they got to the box. Then, as they would write their check, they would discuss how much they were writing down on the note. They would always try to out-give each other. Jesus stood there shaking His head and noticed that there was a small woman standing in line. She was quite a bit older than the other families that were waiting. She was by herself, so she must have been a widow and no one was standing too close to her because her clothes were a little on the dingy side and the ones around her didn’t want to get their fine robes dirty. Jesus watched as she made her way to the front of the line. He whispered for his disciples to watch what she was doing and then, she reached into a pocket on her robe. As she pulled her hand out, the disciples didn’t see anything, but then as she reached over the box, they saw her drop two small coins into the box. If they hadn’t been watching so intently, they wouldn’t have seen anything because the woman had done it so fast. She didn’t talk to anyone about what she was putting in the box, she just did it. It probably took about one and a half seconds for her to put her money in. Jesus turned around to His disciples and said, “Wow! Did you see that?” The disciples all nodded yes, but were kind of confused because all of the other people were writing checks for 500 dollars or more and this lady had dropped in – like 2 cents. Jesus said, “This widow has put more in the box than all the others. She is a poor widow and she could use every spare cent to buy food so that she could survive. Her bank account is probably a can buried in the ground outside of her house. I would guess that it is always very close to being empty, but did you see what she did? Her heart has been laid on the line because she believes. The others that have been giving were giving out of their abundance. If they gave 750 dollars, they had 75,000 dollars at home, to live on. She gave 2 cents because that is all that she had to give. She gave to honor God and I tell you, He is smiling down on that widow for what she has done.”

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