Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Home

I just thought that I'd post a photo of my home for you.


Now if you have been to a breakfast place like Waffle House, IHOP, Owen's, or Denny's, you may have noticed that the menus are kind of fun. All the eggs, waffles, hash browns, pancakes, (grits if you like 'em) and breakfast meats you could ever want. Sometimes they even have all you can eat - this or that. I don't suppose I've ever eaten at a waffle house. I do enjoy that sort of food, but eating it requires milk and that is where my problem lies.

When Mr. T had something important to say, I always tried to listen. One thing he always told me, "Drink yo milk foo!" I appreciate that and over the years, I've enjoyed countless gallons of milk. It is so nice to have a really cold glass of it anytime. It goes perfect with peanut butter, cereal, steak - well, pretty much everything. I have found that Texas Roadhouse has some of the coldest milk around - it is de-lish.

Now that you know how I feel about milk, back to the story: It costs anywhere from $1.50-$2.50 to get one 12 oz glass of milk in those breakfast places. Each time I take a drink from a glass of milk, I average about 8 oz. So that math tells me that I'll get 1 and 1/2 drinks of milk before it is gone. Oh-no, there are no free refills. So where does that leave me? Drinking water unless I'm rich - I'm not. I don't go to those breakfast restaurants very often, but I've been thinking - If I were to go to the grocery store, I could buy a gallon of milk for $3.50 - or so. though it wouldn't be real cold, I could take that gallon to my table and ask for an empty glass. I'm sure that with my help, my family of five could polish off that gallon before the meal were over. I know that Chopsticks, The Punisher, and The Rabbit (formerly The Iceman, at least until those front two teeth come out) love milk about half as much as I do.
The loves in my life are organized something like this:
#1 Jesus #2 The Babe #3 milk #4 breathing

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Wonderful Windy said...

This is one of your best works. I especially love the part where you don't even mention your kids on your tops loves!!! hehe Yes I caught it!!!I understand that milk tastes much better but come one DAD! You make me laugh!!

Benny and the Newtones