Thursday, April 5, 2007

Guess Who I Saw Today?

Today I was driving to Marshall to deliver an unbelievably amazing photo of some rings that had been framed for some friends and I saw something that I didn't expect. Before I tell you what I saw because you can already see - I had to deliver that photo in frame very quickly because it is such an awesome presentation and I know that if The Babe saw it, I would have to frame one up for her - which I intend to do - just when I can get some cash because frames are a little expensive.
Alright, so I'm driving and I see #53 out my window. I didn't know that little racer had a spring home in my area. After Chopsticks and I got The Iceman and The Punisher from their classes I took them over there to see Herb. Apparently the shop where Herbie was resting, does a lot of VW body work. I went into the shop and saw an ultra-customized beetle sitting on the floor. It had hydraulics and it really was on the floor. It also had a chopped top so the bug's height was about three and a half feet tall - it was low. There was also a convertible and a dual cab both in show condition. But I'm writing because we got to check out Herbie today and that was cool.


Caci said...

awww man, I am so sad I didn't get my pic taken with Herbie also. He honked for me though, didn't he?

Melissa said...

i love this pic....especially annalisa in her cute little pose up front.

Wonderful Windy said...

You are some Herbie lovin' fools at your house!

Benny and the Newtones