Sunday, April 8, 2007


My family and I went to a baseball game on Friday. We left home Friday afternoon and the weather was cool, but as we drove west into the oncoming !c~o~l~d~ness! we were quite surprised. We went to see the Rough Riders game anyway and found out what 43 degrees feels like with 25 mph winds blowing on you~~~cold!! It is a nice stadium except I don't like that they put giant lighted billboard ads on the outfield wall. As I looked at it, I thought, " I know that they have padded the outfield walls to protect the players, but now that they have added the giant metal frames holding what someone feels like is good advertising -I wonder what was the point in trying to keep the players safe?" Then I thought, "I should take The Iceman and The Punisher for a hot dog and a pennant, then we are outta here because it is soooo cold it is freezing my brain and we are turning into human popsicles." I looked and saw The Babe with Chopsticks sitting on her lap. They had blue lips and were wrapped in two flannel blankets. I figured they would much rather be in warmth so, being the kind, gentle, loving, warm-hearted, butter melting, Waffle that I am, we left at the top of the 4th inning.

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