Sunday, April 29, 2007


Hey - The Babe - flew to Las Vegas today at 4:45 pm. She left me and the kids at about 4:20 to go and do all the pre-flight hokey pokey. Miss Chopsticks started crying when - The Babe - known as mom, left at that moment and up to this point (5:30) she hasn't stopped. Every few seconds she cries, "I want MOMM--EEEEEEEE -sniffle - EEEEE!" So -Babe, you should feel loved. We all love you and will not answer the phone while you are not home. We don't want anyone to know that mom isn't home because they might try to get us. We will make sure to drink our milk, stay in school, and don't do drugs. Rabbit and the Punisher are also very sad as you can see in the photos.
So, over the next few days, The Waffle will be in charge of food (as always), baths, brushing teeth, wiping hiney, getting out of bed on time, and pony tails. In addition to all of the tasks already loved - such as - keeping the house clean, dropping off and picking up kids, coaching and umping baseball games, and teaching lessons to Miss Chopsticks.
Praise the Lord for the unique time that I will be spending with my kids over the next few days without my "HelpMeat" -
I Lava Ya Babe!


Wonderful Windy said...

how sweet, i love cole's smile through the hands covering his face. I hope you guys have a fun week without MOM. What she doesn't know won't hurt her, RIGHT? Have fun, eat sugar for breakfast and then go to bed dirty. Be rebels.

Caci said... sweet! I love all of you and will be home soon.....Cole I love your cry but it looks a little fake. Take care of the tadpoles and Rodriguez. Jacob, read AR books and write your spelling words. Annalisa, comb your hair and WASH it too! Lots of love!! MOM are doing a great job and I can't wait to see you!!! lots of love---The Babe

Mike said...

Now that is terrible. Poor kids left alone with the Waffle. The Babe will be lucky if there is a house left when she gets home.

Just Kidding Waffle. You are the man!

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