Friday, May 4, 2007


The Babe safely returned from Vegas yesterday. It was fantastic to see her again. We talked about it last night and we are guessing that the time this week that we spent apart is the longest that we've been apart since I was in the ARMY - 1995. It was four days - that's right we just might be in love. By 'might' I mean -for sure- (converted to the correct grammatical form of course).

-n- Waffle FOR-EV-ER

BTW I did not photograph myself at my wedding

Dust-in-Joy are getting married too - woo-hoo. I photographed their engagement photos and we had fun. The photos turned out great and I set it up so that they could have their announcement posted in a magazine. I've been waiting and the mag has finally been released. It is called The Wedded Bliss. If you keep your eyes open in east Texas, you will be able find a copy at many different locations. It is a free magazine to pick up because all of the announcements and ads pay for the cost of producing the mag. This is my copy of the announcement that I submitted. You can see it on their website if you scroll down to the bottom of the last page (saving the best for last).
The magazine is more than three pages long - it is really interesting to look at and see the photos in it. As a matter of fact, I was surprised when I saw my cousin inside the front cover in the last issue- a photo from his wedding day.If you just happened to live as far away as Seattle (lucky dogs), you could have a copy or two sent directly to your domicile if you contact the magazine and ask them to send a mag or two (cost involved) - or - you might just have your momma pick one up for you.


rbcpastor said...

Babe N Waffle For ever.
I am so proud of you two!
Just surf'n and love to see my kids. Love ya loads.


Joy said...

Hey thanks Ben!!! One of my friends just fyi'd me that she saw us in the magazine! I am soo thrilled!

Benny and the Newtones