Monday, May 7, 2007


This morning as I washed the clothes, there was nothing out of the ordinary. It was mostly kid's stuff, but I had my umpires uniform and coaching shirt in the wash too. Tonight I'm supposed to umpire a game at 6:00, then coach a game at 7:45 - that's why I needed clean clothes. So as I'm pulling the clothes out of the dryer, I notice a Super Bubble gum wrapper. I figure it came out of one of the pockets of my kid's pants/shorts. After I got all of the clothes out of the dryer, I started folding them. I had finished folding everything except this one last shirt - my coaches shirt. As I started to fold it, I noticed that parts of the decal were sticking together - you know how after you wash one of those jerseys, sometimes the heat causes the decal to stick to itself. As I was pulling the decal apart, I noticed that something funny was going on. I turned the shirt inside out and deduced that the Super Bubble wrapper had been full when the clothes were washed. My coaching shirt had been trying to chew the gum :-( and now it was all stuck together. I would just throw the shirt in the trash, but I need it for coaching. Since my Bride - The Babe - is not here, let's see if you guys have any ideas? I've already tried - hop on one leg around the damaged clothing 5 times - that did nothing. Oh yeah, I also boiled an egg spread the shells over the damage and gargled salt water - yeah, that didn't do anything either.


Melissa said...

Wow!....I got nothing!

Melissa said...

Ok, so I googled it for you. Here is a link to a page full of ideas. Be sure you check whether it is talking about hair or clothing. Good luck!

Caci said...

The Babe has safely removed all gum from said article of clothing. Waffle--we have this wonderful product called Goo Gone that works beautifully. Try it sometime.
Also, Chopsticks informed me that she didn't know what to do with the piece of gum that The Punisher didn't want, so she put it in her pocket...I think we found the culprit! LOL

Mike said...

Leave it to the Babe to come to the rescue.

JoelK said...
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JoelK said...

[edit] Decided to give you the link.

Wow, goo gone. Goo gone 1 or 2? I use Goo gone 1 at work to take off unwanted ink from my vinyl banner prints. If it sits for a few seconds... it eats the vinyl.

Hey, the Waffle... mile549gallery :]

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