Wednesday, May 9, 2007


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(thanks Old Seventy-Seven)
Alright, from here on out, this post will be point free - I can assure you. I was watching a film last night at home with The Babe, when I heard a slightly humorous joke. This film was mediocrity's finest attempt to win over the unbelieving, but I am still unbelieving that it was anything above a waste of my time. The actors in the show were like a list of "who's who" in American film, but I'm not sure if this show ever made it to the big screen. If you are a pastor reading this, I'm sorry that you won't be able to tell it from the pulpit - though I know you'll be telling all of your friends.

Mike: Hey Ben, did you know that diarrhea is
Ben: No - Really?
Mike: Yes. It runs in your genes.


Melissa said...

Uhhh, Ben, that is a really old joke. Funny, but still old.

Mike said...

Wow, you have product now. You are big-time!

Caci said...

Hey Waffle,
Can you spot me $27 for a Women's Raglan Hoodie? It's pretty sweet!
Um...would that take all of the profit away if you pay for it yourself?
Love ya, The Babe

JoelK said...

So... What was the movie, you know, so we can know exactly what not to watch?

Hey! Thanks for the plug! Sorry I can't offer any Pyramid benefits tho'.


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