Monday, May 14, 2007

Until Then

Hey, I don't know if you know it, but I'm kind of a regular guy. Sure, at times I may possess more charisma than others, like when I umpire and when I photograph people - I like to have fun. But at other times, I can be the biggest fuddy-dud, like when it's time to swim or drive, I don't swim and I don't treat my car/truck like a jet.

When I umpire a game, I make my calls loud and proud - with a touch of flair. One of the coaches told me that he had to tell the players on his team to stop mocking what I was doing. Also, when I photograph a couple or a kid, I love to get to know them and then play on the things they love until we get that perfect set of photos. That is always a lot of fun too.
I'll always have my jet-ski accident to fall back on as to the reason why I don't like to get in the water - even though, I just don't like it. And for all of you doubters, I was in swimming programs until I was about age 13 - so I can swim! As a matter of fact, that year I was in a lifeguard training program.

Today, I hope that I get to finish the front deck that I'm adding to our house. I've been working on it all weekend and then some. Once I get done with it, we are going to sell the house because our family is just too big to live here anymore. We love it and we know that it will be a sad day when we leave the place that we have known as home for almost 10 years. But, God is good and He just might have something for us that's even better than what we have now!

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