Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sandlot Baseball

As I was driving my family to school this morning I noticed something about myself. I didn't say anything, but as I pondered what I had noticed, more and more things about this theory seemed to fit - I'm an 'old-ish' kid. Some of you already know it - some of you refuse to accept it - some of you love me for who I am. Let me set up a short list to get started:

1. I don't wear a watch except when required
2. I don't drink coffee -yuck
3. I always get a 'suicide' drink after the games at the baseball park
4. I try to give nicknames because I think it is fun/cool
5. I love my tube socks - pulled knee high with horizontal stripes

1. If you look at that list - Hammer, Old Seventy-Seven, Waffle, Babe, Punisher, Iceman (his front teeth finally came out), Miss Chopsticks, Dust-in-Joy, Butch, Sundance, Biote, and everyone else, I want you to answer the question, why would a kid need to wear a watch - except to look older, do math, or play a video game?

On the Sandlot 3 : great film (Sandlot 2 : yuck), Tommy 'Santa' Santorelli asks for a cup of coffee as a kid, but is denied with, "A coffee at your age? You crack me up kid."
3. The adults in the concession stand look at me in disbelief when I ask for a suicide drink. Last night one of them said, "You're just like one of those 12 year old kids that you are standing in line with. That's is so gross." The Babe also dislikes the taste of a suicide drink. I don't know what is wrong with adults these days - I love to get the suicide!
4. Let's continue with the Sandlot theme. Did you notice that it seems like most of the kids have nicknames? Squints, Yeah-Yeah, Ham, Smalls, Mac, Fingers, Two ton, DP, Q, Wok and Roll, Pork Chop, Timber, and Wings - to name a few. I seem to have done that in my blog.
5. Last one - when adults see my socks, they laugh and say, "I used to wear those when I was a kid - In The Eighties. That was a long time ago my friend."


Caci said...

I love your tube socks, Waffle...but the suicide drink has to go! That stuff is nasty. If they had good flavors to mix it might taste good, but have you ever recognized that not all soda fountains have the same sodas? So your suicide drinks don't always taste the same....some are just really GROSS.
Love, The Babe

Mike said...

There is nothing better after a game than a great big suicide drink. You just keep on being you.

Dustin said...

bro, tube socks with horizontal stripes are still rockin strong in Seattle. As far as suicides go...that and a snowcone are the only way to watch a little league game

JoelK said...

1. I can't believe you found a pic of the Nintendo Watch! Unless you took it. But you forgot "...to control the T.V." (which left watch obviously does) in the list. I can't really think of any good reasons, otherwise.
2. I try to stay away from addictive substances.
3. When I remember, I always get a suicide... and "the babe" has not figured out that "variety- (which is an inherent trait of the suicide formula) -is the spice of the suicide".
4. I like the Nickname thing... Gumby was the only other nickname I can remember having (I was in gymnastics at the time).
5. I wish I could pull off tube socks, I'm not that cool, so I'm stuck with argyle, which I guess I'm OK with.


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