Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Moving out

Alright, whether you knew it or not, we plan to move this summer. One of our old mission buddies - kind of like old army buddies - has given us a call and asked us to come and be a part of a new ministry team forming near St. Louis in a little place called Wildwood. I said, "You're crazy!" His wife said, "God has predestined it to be so!" I told The Babe and we have talked and prayed about it, and now we are going. You can click on this - The Show Me State - to see a map. So our house is now on the market and someone is coming to look at it on Friday - which is my wonderful sister's - Tha Gooz - birthday. Also, I had to strip the wonderful marketing off of my truck so that I can sell it and as of tomorrow, it is in the thrifty nickel. I did find out yesterday that my neighbor is interested in a truck exactly like mine, so I'll talk to him about it today. So, here is a set of before and after shots of the front of our home. Do you see that beautiful bug on the right? I miss it. I've decided that after the truck is sold and if I ever need another vehicle, I'll be getting an old bug 63-66 model.

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