Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mess O' Blues

Mess O' Blues - or should I say Mezz-uh-Blues is a song that I like that was done by Elvis Presley. It was released on the B side of Its Now or Never in 1960, but I feel like it is definitely an A side song. You can hear a clip from amazon - click on the link here: Mess O' Blues
We've pretty much finished our front porch and I was trying to do a few finishing touches today - and - it started raining. I kept working and the rain kept getting harder. Now in the Seattle area, it may rain a bunch, but it never really rains hard. In the year that I lived there, there was 1(one) rain storm. It didn't last long and up until then, I hadn't noticed that there was no lightning in any of the storms. Mostly, it is like a mist that keeps things cool. As a matter of fact, most of the time you can see the rain and you can feel it hit you, but it doesn't make anything wet. Anyway, I was working on the deck and the rain caused me to stop my progress. I sat under the new covered porch and watched it rain for a while, hoping that it would slow down enough that I could work. Hasn't happened. So, now I've got a Mess O' Blues. Once it stops raining in the next few days, I'll post a photo of our new front porch.

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