Monday, October 29, 2007

New Days

Alright, here is a pic of my bug that I did today -nice and sunny. I'm still trying to work out a name. My kids called the last bug - Herbie, no surprise. I think that this new blue 1967 bug will be known as Schleigel. I got the black with flames one from a friend in Washington, named Cal and Heather Schleigel - It wasn't black and it didn't have flames (I did that) - it was light blue with some cloud mural things on it. Heather likes to paint and hadn't done it yet, but was planning on turning the whole bug into a nice fantasy mural - instead they had one too many babies to keep the bug and they gave it to me. So in honor of my friends in the Northwest, "Schleigel" - I guess if Schleigel is too much, Cal or Calvin may be the one - Heather just doesn't seem like a car name. If you guys have any ideas, let me know.


Wonderful Windy said...

I think it should be you should name it AWESOME. You know like Awesome on Chuck.

Wonderful Windy said...

or P-A-L for Pitch a Loaf. Yes I still remember that!

Dustin said...

looking good bro

JoelK said...

Ben!! Hey bro, you have been on my mind lately, cause every time I see a bug, or a VW magazine I think of you. And lo and behold I get a prayer request from ya... so, how come the Pirate dog hasn't made it onto the blog yet?

I think whatever you name the car, be it Calvin... or Hobbes... or Arminius, you've got to follow this form... you can write it down if you want... I haven't copywritten it yet.

I, (state your name) hereby "V"-Dub thee, Sir/Dame (State VW's name) ruler of all roads, temporary, as do roll under thy wheels, from this day, henceforth.

But you gotta make a big cardboard sword, sprayed with metallic paint, and take pics and/or video of the whole event! Yeah!

Thanks Ben,
Oh, and my Bible is now tentatively named "the Danger Book" *wink*

Benny and the Newtones