Thursday, March 22, 2007

In a Twist

Today I was a part of some online trainings. I was a part of one that showed me a couple of unknown tricks about Photoshop CS2 and a whole bunch of stuff I already knew. The other class that I was a part of was given by a lady from Tacoma - woohoo I love Tacoma - Go Rainiers! ( She talked about the reasons that she thinks her business blew up. Blew up: immense amount of growth in a short amount of time.

It was funny when she talked about how she was so underpaid when she did weddings for $1800. Since she felt underpaid, they decided to market themselves for what is known as the high-end bride. I think now they charge about $20,000 for a wedding. I thought to myself, "Hey self, if you did one wedding like that, your living expenses would be covered for almost a full year. Right now our family of five lives on just over $30,000/year so I guess I would do at least 5 weddings/weekends per year for a couple of years. Yeah it would be a lot of work - a lot of work, but I think the payoff would be worth it. I mean $100,000 is a big jump from 30"

But, I don't think that there are any brides like that in my small town, so I'll just stay on the DL - not the disabled list, the Down Low. DL because I have a business growth plan that includes starting low to gain business and reputation, then increasing the price as the word gets out about Sixth Day Photo. So if you are looking for a great Photographer at a less expensive price, now is the time - my fees will only go up from here. Anyway, at the end of her talk, my doorbell rang and it was my studio copy of the Ritter Storybook. It is pretty dog-gone awesome.

I love this 'T' shirt >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Yesterday even though I got a shot of the birds, I was busy all day putting together a Wedding/Photographer contract. It took about 7 hours to get what I have. It's pretty long, (9 pages) but if anything weird happens with a bride/family I think I covered just about everything. I looked online at other photographer's wedding contracts and borrowed a lot of that stuff. There was nothing terribly original, but I wanted to add at the end just so I would be completely covered - "The Bride and Groom agree that whatever the photographer says about any situation that may arise is considered the ultimate in correctness."

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Joel said...

1st!! ...disabled list! L'd -o-L. Sweet! Mr.T... "I need some one to take that wall down... Go for it B.A.!" Hey, you have to check this out... You should put this on yer blog.

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